Rescue Dogs Look for Love on ‘The Bachelor’

'Bachelor' contestants pose with shelter dogs
ABC/Todd Wawrychuk

ABC’s The Bachelor had some special guest stars on Monday night — a group of rescue dogs from partners of the Best Friends Animal Society. But while the segment brought much-needed publicity to the no-kill rescue organization, the segment itself has raised some eyebrows.

During their group date, “Bachelor” Juan Pablo Galavis and 13 of his bachelorettes had a photo shoot with 11 dogs who were up for adoption. (Like the humans on the show, the dogs were looking for also love — or in the canines’ case, a loving home.)

While most of the women on the show were given dresses or bikinis to wear while they to posed with Galavis and the cute pups, two of them were told they’d be posing nude — something they were not comfortable with.

Many viewers were happy to see the dogs and the group get such high-profile attention, but many others turned to social media to raise concerns about the way it turned out.

On The Bachelor’s site, many viewers complained that the nudity was “unnecessary." Others turned to the Utah-based rescue group's Facebook page to offer their views.

“All for helping animals. Not at all for pressuring women to take their clothes off to do it,” one person commented on Best Friends’ Facebook page.

Best Friends responded to many similar posts individually.

“We didn't have a say in the photo shoot or wardrobe,” a representative for Best Friends wrote. “We simply provided the animals in hopes that their primetime exposure would help garner awareness for homeless pets across the nation. -melissa m.”

In another post, the group noted that its goal was to reach the reality show’s young adult viewers after a survey last year found that younger people were less likely to consider adoption than they were to buy a pet from a pet store or breeder.

In any case, there’s one outcome of the segment that everyone can agree is a good one: all but one of the dogs (who is still in foster care) from the shoot have since been adopted.


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