Rescued Baby Elephant and Mom Have Sweet Reunion

Get your tissues out.

In a touching moment captured on video, an elephant calf and her mom run to greet each other, moments after the baby was pulled from a well by rescuers in Nairobi, Kenya.

“The calf had been there for a while,” Dr. Vicki Fishlock of the Amboseli Trust for Elephants told NBC News. “There was just no way she could get out on her own, so we had to intervene.”

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When the four-member team couldn’t lift the 8-month-old elephant using ropes, they had to tie the ropes to a vehicle to pull her out of the 5-foot-deep well while her anxious mom, Zombe, looked on.

“It’s not something we normally try to do because the noise of the engine just kind of adds to the stress level, but in that instance we had no choice,” Fishlock said.

Fishlock took the video of the union between mom and calf.

“That lovely reunion … just shows so much about what makes elephants so special — those deep bonds that they have with each other and how much they care for each other,” she said.


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