Rescued Manatee and Baby Released Into Wild

Manatee Release
SeaWorld Orlando
SeaWorld staff prepares the manatee and her calf for their release into the wild.

A manatee and her 2-week-old calf are back to swimming in their natural habitat of Sykes Creek in Florida after a successful rescue and rehabilitation effort by SeaWorld Orlando. The manatee was found in June with severe injuries to her front right flipper, which required amputation and treatment. Staff quickly noticed that the manatee was pregnant, and, after a few weeks at SeaWorld, she gave birth to a male calf.

The pair immediately bonded and the healthy baby boy began nursing, which meant the next step was to prepare the mother and son duo for release back into the wild. This is SeaWorld's ultimate goal for all of its rescued animals, and experts believe these two have a great chance in their natural environment.

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