Rescued Manatee Gives Birth at SeaWorld

manatee and calf kiss
SeaWorld Orlando
This rescued manatee is now a mom.

When SeaWorld Orlando's Animal Rescue team found an injured 10-foot manatee in Merritt Island, Fla. last month, they suspected she was pregnant. A sonogram confirmed their suspicions, and, six weeks later, she gave birth to a calf. The rescued mama had severe injuries to her front right flipper from a crab pot line, and both of her front flippers had fishing line wrapped around them. Fishing line was also wrapped around both of her front flippers. The veterinary team at assessed the injuries, then amputated and bandaged her right front flipper. Since then, her health has continued to improve and she's now bonding with her new calf.

This was the twelfth manatee SeaWorld has rescued in 2012.

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