Restaurant Names Go Animalistic

The Surly Goat
Courtesy of The Surly Goat
We can understand why this Surly Goat mascot may be feeling a tad surly.

In the fickle world of fine dining, it's all about reinvention and risk taking. Molecular gastronomy, anyone? But the latest trend in the restaurant business has little to do with locally-sourced-first-thing-in-the-morning-farm-to-table ingredients or celebrity chefs who moonlight on TV shows.

According to a new article in Zagat, if you want to pull in patrons, you should hoist a sign that will earn you serious cred with the animal-admiring set — one emblazoned with a creature's name on it. Never mind that the monikers often refer to the very morsels you'll be chowing down on, like The Tipsy Pig in San Francisco and L.A. eatery The Surly Goat.

Although we're a little confused by Guilty Goose, located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. A quick scan of the dinner menu didn't show any dishes made with foie gras, so maybe the spot's mascot, Gladys, has been on her best behavior as of late.

Other culinary odes to animals we love: The Fat Dog, Edi & The Wolf, The Beagle, Little Bear and The Hungry Cat, of course.

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