Rozie the Elephant Is Seeing Pink

Rozie gave birth to an endangered elephant calf on Oct. 2.
Amy Landers, ABQ BioPark
Rozie gave birth to an endangered elephant calf on Oct. 2.

Break out the trumpets! After a 22-month wait, an endangered Asian elephant calf has been born at ABQ BioPark in Albuquerque, N.M. Rozie, 20, gave birth to the healthy female calf on Oct. 2. The calf’s mom was also born at the zoo, in 1992.

She joins older sister Daizy and grandmother Alice in the zoo’s herd, as well as an unrelated female named Irene. Two young males, Samson and Albert, also live at the BioPark and have formed their own bachelor herd.

“Rozie and her calf are doing well and are getting to know each other behind the scenes,” elephant manager Rhonda Saiers said just after the baby’s arrival. “She is learning to nurse and getting more steady on her feet.”

The baby will make her debut in the next few weeks, and the zoo’s Facebook fans will get the chance to vote on her name. The choices are Chamiza, Jazmine (flower names with a ‘z’ to match Rozie and Daizy), Nita (in honor of a beloved elephant at the San Diego Zoo) and Roxy.


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