Ryan Lochte Wishes His Dog a Happy 8th Birthday for the Third Year in a Row

Maybe being 8 for Ryan Lochte’s dog is like being 39 for Jack Benny — he doesn’t want to reveal his real age and will just be 8 every year? On Sunday, the Olympic swimmer tweeted happy birthday wishes for his Doberman, Carter, who he calls his son. But he raised some eyebrows because he said the pooch was turning 8 — for the third year in a row. Lochte has since deleted this year’s Tweet and replaced it with one wishing Carter a happy 9th birthday, which would line up with what he’s previously said was his date of birth, Oct. 23, 2007. Of course, the Internet caught wind of the snafu before he could make the switch, and had plenty of jokes to make about it. However old you are this year, Carter, we hope you have a great celebration! — Read it at CBS News


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