About Samantha Bartram

Samantha Bartram has been a lover of creatures great and small since childhood. From her beginnings on a 23-acre farm in central Ohio to her current digs in Northern Virginia, Sam has always shared her home with at least one furry critter, which she considers an essential sidekick for a happy life. These days, that four-legged partner in crime is a 10-year-old tortoise-shell cat named Coconut.

Sam has worked as a senior staff writer covering features and entertainment for Leesburg Today and Ashburn Today newspapers since 2006. She expanded her freelance work to include Vetstreet.com and Crittr.com in 2012. Since that time, Sam has enjoyed covering everything from whimsical pet-themed products for humans to innovative items aimed at our animal friends. She's also reported on the many wonderful organizations dedicated to the health and welfare of animals and the humans who care for them.

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