Sea Lion Goes Shopping at Souvenir Shop

An unusual customer showed up at a souvenir shop in La Jolla, California, recently. A sea lion climbed 145 steps from the beach to browse at The Cave Store just before closing one night last month. Store manager Rachelle Agosti shared photos on Facebook of the animal checking out the store’s trinkets and making a stop at an ice cream freezer. He didn’t buy anything, and returned to the water with Agosti’s guidance. “He wandered around the store for nearly 10 minutes, confused and scared before I got him out the back door, through the garden gate, and heading back to the ocean!” — Read it at Buzzfeed

A young sea lion climbed up all 145 steps from Sunny Jim Sea Cave and wandered into The Cave Store right at closing...

Posted by The Cave Store on Thursday, January 21, 2016


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