Search-and-Rescue German Shepherd Gets His Own Robotic Sidekick

We all know that canines are amazing when it comes to search-and-rescue operations, but what would happen if you paired a highly trained rescue dog with a robotic assistant?

Researchers recently found out when Carnegie Mellon University's Biorobotics Lab teamed up with Ryerson University's Network-Centric Applied Research Team (NCART) Lab to conduct such an experiment with a German Shepherd rescue dog named Freitag.

According to an article in IEEE Spectrum, the scientists developed a snakebot that can be operated by Freitag. Once the dog reaches a spot in a disaster zone that's either too tight for him to get through or unsafe to access, he can bark to deploy the robot snake, which is affixed with a camera that can send live video feed to human rescuers above ground.

Watch this video to see a demo of how CARD (Canine Assisted Robot Deployment) works from the snakebot's perspective.


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