Search Dog Finds Missing Mastiff 9 Months Later, 50 Miles From Home

Desperate to find her dog who’d been missing for nine months, Mary Odeh turned to Jordina Thorp with Lost Dog Tracking and Capture, who’d helped reunite a missing police dog with his partner last year. Over the weekend, Thorp, along that police officer, who volunteered his time, finally tracked down Odeh’s missing 6-year-old Mastiff. They found Tierney in a field — 50 miles from his Ohio home. "She messaged me, ‘We got him’ and she sent me a picture," Odeh said. "My heart was racing. I was jumping up and down, running around the house like what do I do?" Odeh was happily reunited with Tierney, who smothered his owner with kisses. Tierney had lost 25 pounds and was found with a large growth on his leg, but his veterinarian said he was otherwise in good health. — Learn more at Cincinnati’s WLWT


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