Service Dogs for American Girl Dolls

American Girl dolls have always been friends to animals — like Molly's puppy and Josefina's goat. But this holiday season, the popular doll company is taking its furry companions a step further with a new chocolate Labrador service-dog-in-training. The puppy comes with its own service vest and handle, made to fit in the hands of American Girl dolls. And there are even faux treats that the dolls can use to reward their dogs.

"My daughter Cassy has an assistance dog that looks just like this!” wrote one customer on the company’s website. “Cassy and her [doll] are both handicapped, so this is the perfect product!"

American Girls are never without accessories — and neither are their companions. The company has a full line of other doll-sized, pet-related products, including a Comfy & Cozy Pet Bed ($22), a Pet Hiking Set ($20) and a supercute Pet Bath Set ($26).

More of a cat person? No worries, we’ve got you covered there too. There are two new kitties to choose from this year: Inkpot ($22) and Licorice ($22).

Fess up: Which ones will be under your tree?

Service Dog Set, $34, at American Girl.


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