7 Creative Ways to Connect With Your Veterinarian

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To the utter frustration of one alarmed client, I was out of town most of last week attending a conference.

So she decided to get creative.

After “liking” my Facebook page, she then submitted a message, and I responded. Voilà! — just like that, she was able to get an answer to her question.

Of course, I’m not saying that it’s always that easy — and I'm not recommending that you put off medical treatment waiting for your vet to friend you back — but you’d be surprised at how many veterinarians would be willing to follow you on Twitter, dote on your Pinterest pins or even sidle up to your Flickr photostream.

Here’s a list of how to creatively connect — and maybe even bond! — with your favorite veterinarian:

Shoot Off an Email

I’m actually happy to hand out my email address to clients who need to give me updates or ask the kind of questions that I’d otherwise have to use the telephone to answer. The hard part, for me, is finding a way to charge for it.

Text Them

When I have special patients whose conditions I need to track or whose postsurgical progress is especially important, I ask clients to text me. Not only is this because I’m notorious for hating telephone communication, but it also means that I can get easy picture updates on the state of incisions, wounds, bandages and more.

Like Them on Facebook

Your veterinarian might not want to “friend” you (and you should not be insulted, seeing as everyone has lots of reasons for limiting their networks), but maybe your vet or vet hospital has a Facebook page you can “like,” and thereby access your vet or her staff.

Picture This . . .

Some veterinarians don’t feel comfortable giving up email addresses and cell phone digits. It’s just too close — and way too easy for some clients to abuse. (Not you, of course.) Some of us, however, are happy to use third-party approaches:

Flickr is the most formidable photo-sharing social media site out there. Get your pics up, and share them easily with your friends. And if your vet happens to be a Flickr lover, you’re in luck!

Pinterest is fun, intuitive and addictive! This is definitely a tool for the visually inclined, which is why so many pet people gravitate to it — and your veterinarian might just be a devotee.


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