7 Curious Questions That Owners Often Ask Me

Puppy licking woman

I absolutely adore the vast majority of my longtime clients.

Not only are these pet owners smart, motivated and mostly compliant in the service of their pets, but I’ve also known them so long — more than 20 years, in some cases — that almost nothing they say shocks me. Not in a bad way, anyway.

Still, that doesn’t mean that I’m not occasionally amused by the quirky line of questioning some of them will doggedly pursue.

Doubt me? You won’t after you read these doozies that I’ve collected over the years!

Why Is Dog Saliva So Sticky?

I can answer this viscosity question in strict biological terms, but I prefer this answer, courtesy of a 9-year-old: "That sticky stuff? It’s not saliva — it’s liquefied love. Because dogs love us so strongly, it has to be tough enough to stick with us a very long time." So cute!

If a Cat’s Tail Hangs Over Her Butt, Why Doesn't It Get Dirty?

Cats and dogs have a lot more natural oils on their fur than we do on human hair. These oils repel the mucosal exterior of most dog and cat stool. Of course, this isn't universally true, which is why groomers invented "sanitary clips" for longhaired kitties and pups.

Why Do My Dogs’ Ears and Feet Smell Like Fritos?

These owners have somehow confused the aroma of corn chips with that of the yeast that’s growing inside a pup’s ears and in between his toes. For some reason, lots of people think they smell alike!

Why Do Dog Bottoms Look So Different?

I’ve heard this anal conformation issue raised so often that it’s almost a joke in my practice. I mean, why do people spend so much time looking at their dogs’ butts, anyway?


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