Silly Things Dogs Do That Really Aren't a Laughing Matter

Watching our dogs engage in goofy behavior is one of our favorite aspects of dog ownership. After all, how many hours do you think you've spent giggling as your pup searches for his favorite toy in the toy basket or tucks himself in for the night? Too many to count, if you ask us. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

However, there are a few things that, at first glance you might think are cute or funny but can actually be quite dangerous for your dog. Here are five things you'll want to watch out for with your favorite pooch.

Don't Laugh if Your Dog Does This

Dog Digging in Sand


When Your Dog Comes to You with a Mouthful of Sand

Chowing down on sand seems like a silly thing, doesn't it? Who would want to do that? But the fact is that ingestion of too much sand is a surprisingly common reason for dogs to need to see the vet. Even if they're not actively eating up every sandcastle in their proximity, they can accidentally eat quite a bit while playing fetch — enough to cause a serious intestinal blockage — so watch your pup while playing seaside and keep an eye on him afterward to make sure he's acting (and eating) like himself. Plus, loose sand can easily get in your dog's eyes and irritate them, so when possible, play it safe and play on sand that's packed down well.

Dog Playing in Lake


When Your Dog Happily Slurps Up Any and All Kinds of Water

You offer your dog a drink from your own water bottle, but instead, she heads over to the nearby lake to slurp away. Silly puppy, right? Nope. Outdoor water sources (like rivers, lakes and oceans) can harbor organisms and chemicals that may harm your dog (and possibly you, too). And yes, that holds true even if it looks and smells clean. To avoid this issue altogether, work with her ahead of time on how to drink out of a water bottle.

Beagle Running


When Your Dog Just Doesn't Want to Stop Running

Your dog needs exercise, and now that it's finally warmer out, it can be easy to let her run as much as she wants. She seems so cute and happy, right? But it's really important to watch for signs of heatstroke in your dog, especially if there are factors that make her at particular risk of overheating.

Dog Digging in Yard


When Your Dog Chomps on Plants In Your Lawn and Garden

It might look funny to see your dog with a face full of flowers (as long as they aren't your prize begonias, of course), but this isn't a laughing matter. Even if you avoid having plants that are dangerous to pets, many of the products used on plants, weeds and grass present their own problems. If you've got a curious canine who loves spending time outdoors, consider creating areas where it's safe for her to dig and play; keep plants and flowers out of reach with fencing, raised beds or hanging planters; and supervise her outdoor time as much as possible, redirecting her to appropriate outlets if you see her beginning to nosh.

Fetching Ball on Beach


When Your Dog Keeps Chasing Her Ball Into The Water

It's hard to hold back a smile when a water-loving dog can't contain his enthusiasm for swimming (and swimming and swimming). We've seen plenty of dog owners laugh as they say, "I just can't keep her out of the water!" as their pooch swims to shore, panting heavily and swallowing water. 

Even if your dog will fetch balls out of the water for as long as you'll keep throwing, the more tired he gets, the more water he's likely to accidentally swallow (which can create some GI distress) and if he's not in shape for that kind of activity, the poor pup is going to be really sore afterward. You don't want to do that to your dog!

And of course, just as you wouldn't go out for a long swim in open water without training and proper safety precautions, you shouldn't let your dog, either. It's up to you to keep him safe, so finding the right life jacket for him is critical.

Got any other behaviors that you've laughed at in the past but now realize aren't funny at all? Let's hear them in the comments.

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