Six Ways to Stop Digging in the Water Dish

5. She wants attention. Dogs repeat certain behaviors that have a successful history of grabbing our attention, including digging in their dish. If your dog got a response from you the first couple of times she did this, she’s likely to repeat it in the future. To get her to stop, ignore the behavior. The next time your dog digs in the bowl, walk away. Instead of making a fuss when she's digging in her bowl, use treats and praise to reward your dog for alternative behaviors that are incompatible to the dish digging, such as sitting calmly or lying at your side.

6. She's exhibiting compulsive behavior. In rare cases, dogs may become obsessed with objects and activities. I worked with a Pomeranian obsessed with casted lights and shadows on any surface. This behavior requires immediate intervention from your veterinarian, and training to properly address the issue.


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