Sneak Peek of Super Bowl Ads Starring Animals

We're all friends here, so we have a confession to make: We're really attending Super Bowl partiesonlyfor thecommercials and the snacks. Whew. Glad we could get that off our chest.

If you're like us and had to be reminded of who's playing — the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, by the way — then you've probably accepted that you're in it for the ads. And here at Vetstreet, the ads we love most are the ones featuring animals! Check out our roundup below for a sneak peek at the commercials that we're most excited to see on the small screen Sunday.

Heinz: "Wiener Stampede"

Of all the ads we're about to show you, we think this one is getting the most hype — and deservedly so. Filming a jolly pack of Dachshunds dressed in hot dog costumes dashing across a meadow is pure gold. Mashable reports that a shorter version will run during the third quarter of the Super Bowl, but you can watch the extended cut here.

Honda: "A New Truck to Love"

If you've ever watched a Super Bowl, you know there's never a shortage of car commercials. Still, we can't help but think that this spot from Honda will stand out on the lot. Singing sheep? A Herding dog narrator? With all these animals, what's not to love?

Marmot: "Meet the Marmot Soon"

This teaser from outdoor gear company Marmot really piques our interest. There's not much to go on with just 15 seconds of a campfire scene, but color us intrigued. We're interested to see what direction this ad takes when it broadcasts during the big game.

Doritos: "Doritos Dogs"

We can't say for sure whether this Doritos ad will run during the Super Bowl, but we're crossing our fingers! It's one of three finalists in Doritos' famous Crash the Super Bowl contest, which is celebrating its final chapter this year, according to AdWeek. For beating out 4,500 other fan-submitted ads, the creators of the winning commercial will receive $1 million and the bragging rights of their submission airing during Super Bowl 50. Obviously, we're rooting for the "Doritos Dogs" to follow in the footsteps of 2012's winning Doritos ad featuring Huff the Great Dane.

Subaru: "Puppy"

OK, so technically this commercial won't air during the actual Super Bowl, but it's so cute that we had to include it here! You'll thank us after you watch it. It's one of five new ads in Subaru's "Dog Tested. Dog Approved." campaign — and all five commercials will play during the Puppy Bowl XII broadcast on Animal Planet. Now excuse us while we go grab some tissues!

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