So That's What a Baby Flamingo Looks Like!

Photo courtesy of SeaWorld Orlando
Does this qualify as "so funny looking it's cute"?

You might think of flamingos as being tall and pink, but they don't start out that way. SeaWorld Orlando recently announced the birth of a Caribbean flamingo chick. The baby, born on May 24, is receiving 24/7 care, spending time in a brooder (similar to an incubator) and going home with a bird expert who feeds it five times a day with a formula high in fat and protein -- just what a baby flamingo needs to grow big and strong!

The fluffy gray chick doesn't look much like its elders, but that's normal; flamingos' pink plumage generally grows in after three years or so. And, do you know why flamingos' feathers are such a pretty pink color? They truly are what they eat! The flamingo's diet is highly pigmented, and that contributes to their festive-looking feathers.

This chick will join the other 60 Caribbean flamingos at the park when it's older. The park also has 119 Chilean flamingos on site, and a portion of the flock makes a daily parade through the grounds.

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