Soggy Doggy Doormats: The Story Behind These Absorbent Mats for Dirty Pets

The product options have grown as well: Soggy Doggy now offers doormats in beige, blue, dark chocolate and caramel and in sizes large, extra large and a small slopmat version that customers requested to use under water bowls as a place mat. The doormats come with or without a bone design. The Super Shammys come in blue, beige and dark chocolate. Rein also just soft-launched new Super Snoozers dog nests in beige and dark chocolate. “Buddy is the lucky product tester for all of this,” Rein says, smiling. “We know dogs love sleeping on them, and the beauty of the material is that it never gets that doggy smell.”

The products are now in hundreds of shops nationwide — largely independent pet boutiques and only carefully vetted online stores to maintain premium quality. It’s working: During the first year in business, the company made $10,000 in sales. In 2013, it passed the million-dollar mark!

One surprising realization for Rein has been how many other women are working within the pet industry and how supportive and amazing people have been in general. “I guess dog people are just good people,” the Soggy Doggy founder muses. “But also, starting small and growing slowly has allowed me to adjust to what I’m doing and learn along the way. It’s been great!”


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