Some of Our Favorite Animal Stars of Network TV

As we bid good-bye to the current TV season, we thought we'd take a moment to recognize a few of our favorite characters — which, naturally, are the ones who walk on four legs. (Well, OK, one has only 3 legs.)

Here are a several talented (and furry) actors that make us anxious for next season to get here!

Animal Stars of Network TV

Stella the French Bulldog and Modern Family Cast

ABC/Peter "Hopper" Stone

Modern Family, Glee, The Voice -- these shows and more feature much-loved co-stars of the animal kind. Who is your favorite furry character?

Sammy, the yellow Lab and owner Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler) in happier days on Revenge.



Fans (and Revenge characters) bid an emotional farewell to Sammy, the yellow Lab belonging to Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler). The dog originally belonged to the show's mistress of payback, Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) when she was still an innocent child, and while this show has seen much death and drama, saying goodbye to Sammy may have been the toughest blow so far.  At least it was for us.

Suburgatory dog

ABC/Richard Cartwright


Yakult, Dallas Royce's little dog on Suburgatory, gets a lot of screen time on the show. She was once kidnapped by the high school principal Mr. Wolfe (Rex Lee pictured above) and in another episode, Yakult gave her hallucinating owner (played by Cheryl Hines) some straight talk about life.

Stella the French Bulldog and Modern Family Cast

ABC/Peter "Hopper" Stone

"Modern Family"

It might have taken Stella, the French Bulldog on Modern Family, a while to wiggle into Gloria's (Sofia Vergara) heart, but she won audiences over immediately. This unbelievably cute canine actor is a cast — and fan — favorite now.

Cee-Lo and Purrfect the Cat

Lewis Jacobs/NBC

"The Voice"

There are a lot of personalities vying for the spotlight on The Voice, but one roars above them all. Purr-fect, Cee-Lo Green's rental cat, has garnered at least as much attention as the human judges! She's more of a household name around here than any of the contestants, that's for certain.

On NCIS: Los Angeles, Monty the mutt is a scruffy retired bomb sniffing dog who belongs to equally scruffy LAPD detective Marty Deeks.
"NCIS: Los Angeles"

He might not play a big role in the West Coast NCIS series, but when Monty, a retired bomb-sniffing dog, makes an appearance, we pay attention. On the show Monty belongs to Marty Deeks (played by Eric Christian Olsen), and is said to suffer from PTSD, or, as one character calls it, "Puppy Traumatic Stress Syndrome." While Sam Hanna, LL Cool J's character didn't start off being a fan, even he's been won over by the charmingly scruffy mutt.

On Parks and Recreation, Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt) and Jerry Gergich (Jim O'Heir) help out at a pet adoption event.

Danny Feld/NBC

"Parks and Recreation"

Parks and Recreation includes many animals in its storylines. There is the 3-legged dog Champion owned by Andy Dwyer (played by Chris Pratt), beloved town miniature horse L’il Sebastian, and in one of the final episodes of the season, the closing of the local animal shelter sparks the not-very-successful adoption event shown in the photo above.

Lord Tubbington and ditzy owner Brittany (Heather Morris) on Glee.



Lord Tubbington continues to be one of our favorite characters on the musically-minded show. Though we have to wonder, what's a cat gotta do to get a solo on that set? This feline has serious star power and Glee should take advantage of it.

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