SPCA's Creative Anti-Puppy Mill Campaign

The San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) launched a highly creative campaign this year to educate the public and raise awareness of the cycle of puppy mills and its impact on society. As part of the second phase of this campaign they released this catchy video by French directors Jean and Nicolas Jullien (aka the Jullienn Brothers) and BBDO San Francisco.

The video may be cute, but it also highlights the dangers of buying puppies from questionable online sources instead of adopting locally from a local shelter or rescue group, or buying from a reputable breeder.

In early May, as part of its guerilla marketing campaign, the organization installed a “puppy bin” in the highly trafficked plaza at the intersection of Sacramento Street and Drumm Street, near the Embarcadero center in downtown San Francisco.

The bin was similar in size to puppy mill cages, looked like a typical newspaper stand and featured sound and video portraying puppies. Inside the bin a fake newspaper, The Canine Tribune, featured articles and stories designed to educate readers about the realities of puppy mills as well as alternative options available to those who want a dog. The campaign has provoked significant reaction from passersby. View the video below to learn more about the campaign and to see some reactions from the public.


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