Spoil Your Little Girl With This Burberry Cashmere Dog-Print Baby Sweater

Burberry Infant Girls' Dane Sweater

The cutest creatures in your house, in no particular order, are probably your dog and your baby. And while the dog has a nice fur coat to keep him warm, the baby needs a little something extra to stay cozy. How about a cashmere sweater? With a dog on it, even!

This Burberry cashmere pullover is perfect for your little girl. It's supersoft, like a wearable blanket, and — best of all — has an adorable Great Dane on the front. And really, what could be better than a baby sweater with a dog on it? Nothing, that's what.

Daunted by the idea of cashmere for a baby? Don't fret: Cashmere is super durable and super easy care. Hand wash in the same baby shampoo you're using on the actual baby, and do not dry clean.

Burberry infant girls' dane dog intarsia cashmere sweater, sizes 6-12 months, $225

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