Spotted: Tiny Tapir Calf at the Tel Aviv Safari

Tel Aviv Tapir Calf
Tibor Jäger

The tapir family at the Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan Safari is growing fast. Mother Passiflora gave birth to her firstborn, Papaya, 15 months ago — and the little animal already has a new baby brother! Pinchas, the first male tapir ever born at the zoo, arrived only one year after Papaya. The new calf weighed just 11 pounds at birth, and zookeepers are delighted that Passiflora has been doing a great job rearing her second baby.

The newborn is named for the late Israeli politician Pinchas Sapir. And he's not the only member of the tapir family to get political — his father, Meir, is named for Golda Meir, the late Israeli prime minister.

According to the zoo, all Brazilian tapirs (considered a "vulnerable" species) are born with a yellow-spots-and-stripes pattern. Sadly, this coloring will fade away in six months. You know what that means: Better book your ticket to see Pinchas now!

Tel Aviv Tapir Calf With Mom
Tibor Jäger

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