Spring Cleaning? You'll Be Surprised Where Pet Hair Lurks

The Underbelly of Furniture

According to Evercare, the company that invented the lint roller in 1956 to help solve the pet hair issue, upholstery is one of the most common areas to find pet hair.

Pet Hair on Lamp shade
Photo: Caroline Golon
Lampshades are an often overlooked pet hair mecca.

The parts of your furniture you can see are a no-brainer, but have you ever checked the underside? You may be surprised how much pet hair sticks to the underbelly of your couches, chairs and dressers — areas that you dont get to when you sweep the floor underneath. You may have to turn your furniture on its side to reach the fur, or squeeze underneath and manually pull it off. Don’t forget the back of your couch or chairs, Lewis says. Even if the furniture is pushed up against the wall, fur finds its way behind it. And make sure to peek behind paintings and wall hangings. There’s usually more fuzz than you’d imagine stuck to the back of your favorite canvas.

Window Treatments and Lampshades

Lewis also advises pet owners to check in and around the windows. “Windowsills can trap a lot of fur, and curtains, particularly if they are long, are just fur magnets,” she says.

Evercare’s new product, FurErase, is the next generation lint roller. It’s an “agitator” with rubber nubs to dislodge the hair and a sticky roller to pick up the fur. This combo, the company says, is perfect for soft surfaces such as curtains.

Over time, plenty of pet owners simply don’t notice the pet hair anymore. When was the last time you looked at your lampshades? Evercare says they are an often overlooked but very furry spot in the house.

The thing about pet hair is that once you’ve cleaned every corner and crevice of your home, you’ll still come across a new spot full of fur. It’s frustrating, yes, but along with that abundance of free-flying fur comes an equal amount of joy and love. Seems like a fair trade-off! Dont you agree?


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