Steve Irwin's Kids Launch YouTube Animal Series

If you miss Steve Irwin's wild adventures as much as we do, you're in luck. The Crocodile Hunter's two kids, 13-year-old Bindi and 8-year-old Robert, are carrying on his wildlife conservation and education work. The kids just premiered a web series on YouTube called Growing Up Wild. You can watch the first webisode here.

After Irwin was killed by a stingray six years ago, his children remained at Australia Zoo, where their famous father grew up. The new videos give viewers a window into what it's like to live there and interact with the creatures, ranging from crocodiles to rhinos.

"We never want Dad's message to die," Bindi Irwin told People Pets. "It's wonderful that we're able to carry on in his footsteps and keep his message alive."


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