Stinky Dog? 6 Possible Culprits

Got an adorable dog with some serious odor issues? If you've got a real stinker on your hands — whether it be occasional or full-time, it's in everyone's best interest to take care of the problem. But that's hard to do unless you know what's causing the stench, so we put together this handy slideshow of common canine odor problems to help you get to the bottom of your dog's funky smell.

Whatever the cause, there is usually a solution. This may include daily bathing, a diet change, anal gland expression, frequent dental cleanings under anesthesia and even surgery for severely afflicted ears.

Nobody wants to be the stinky dog on the block, so help your best buddy out! Take him to your veterinarian, who can usually pinpoint the problem and suggest the best way to approach it. Remember — where there's a whiff, there's a way!

6 Reasons Your Dog Smells

Dog Scratching Himself


1. It's His Skin

If your pet smells unpleasant, it could be due to a skin condition. Whether it happens year-round or seasonally, pets with skin issues like allergic skin disease and parasite infestations, and the secondary bacterial and yeast infections that can accompany them, can give off a serious stink.

Spaniel ears


2. It's His Ears

Most smelly ear conditions are attributable to allergic skin disease, but it can sometimes be caused by things as bad as ear canal cancers. A visit to your vet is the first step toward determining the cause.

Bulldog eating in crate


3. He's Gassy

Many chronic gas-passers are merely exhibiting a mild intolerance to one or more ingredients in their diets. However, specific gastrointestinal conditions could be in play, so the seriously flatulent should see a veterinarian.

Westie tail


4. It's His Anal Glands

These two glands secrete some foul-smelling stuff. Lots of dogs who suffer from anal sac issues are prone to leak the liquid onto their fur, ensuring that the powerful stench follows them everywhere.

Dog Mouth and Teeth


5. It's His Breath

Bad breath is almost always secondary to periodontal disease. But some pets may have bad breath that arises from oral tumors or foreign bodies, stomach gases or the effects of kidney disease –– not necessarily just from bad teeth.

Dog swimming in river


6. It's a Wet Dog Smell

Does your dog spend hours in the pool? If so, it could cause that wet dog smell to linger.

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