Stocking Stuffers Under $15

It's easy to leave the little gifts until the last minute. After all, you've spent the past month shopping for the perfect present for just about everyone, and how hard can it be to find a few things to stick in a stocking?

If the stocking you're looking to stuff belongs to an animal lover, you're in luck! We've rounded up 10 can't-miss items, all under $15. Happy shopping! (And if you pick one or two of these up for yourself, well, we won't tell. We're really in no position to talk.)

Stocking Stuffers Under $15

Credit: Urban Outfitters

Purrfect Pen

Normally cats aren't too helpful when it comes to writing. They're either knocking your pen to the floor or chewing on the corner of your notebook, and if you're trying to work on a laptop, forget it! That's the best bed in the world. But this pretty kitty is an exception that's sure to be appreciated by the cat-loving author in your life.

Purrfect Pen, $8 at Urban Outfitters

Credit: Humane Domain

Dog Knows Best Coasters

From cheeky sayings to inspirational reminders, these coasters would brighten up anybody's coffee table. Especially if there's a pooch or two sleeping beneath it.

Dog Knows Best Coasters, $14.95 at Humane Domain

Credit: Cafepress

Pugs Not Drugs Button

If you're buying a gift for someone who wears his heart on his sleeve, give him something that will allow him to wear his beliefs on his lapel. "Just Say No" had its day; these days, it's all about the Pugs.

Pugs Not Drugs Button, $4 at Cafepress

Credit: Cattoo Design

Paw Print Temporary Tattoo

Not everyone is ready to permanently ink an ode to his pet on his body, but lots of pet lovers would dig this trendy (and temporary) design. If paw prints aren't quite the right fit, there are also a number of other cat-themed temporary tattoos available at Cattoo Design.

Paw Print Temporary Tattoo, $5 at Cattoo Design

Credit: Uncommon Goods

Corn Holder Sets

It might not exactly be corn on the cob season right this moment, but there's never a wrong time for a gift that's both useful and humorous, which certainly describes these adorable corn holder sets.

Corn Holder Sets (choose from Pig or Dog), $10 at Uncommon Goods

Credit: Westpaw Design

Ho-Ho Hairball

Why should cats be the only ones who enjoy cat toys? These Ho-Ho Hairballs make us giggle, and the seriously potent catnip they're packed with is sure to put your feline in a most festive mood.

Ho-Ho Hairball, $10 at Westpaw Design

Credit: The Animal Rescue Site

Silicone Purple Paw Measuring Spoons

Treat the culinary creature in your life to a set of measuring spoons she'll always be able to find. They're dishwasher safe and naturally nonstick, plus the purchase of one set funds 14 bowls of food at the Animal Rescue Site. We'd call that a recipe for a darn good stocking stuffer.

Silicone Purple Paw Measuring Spoons, $5 at Animal Rescue Site

Credit: The Oatmeal

How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You

One of the year's funniest books comes from one of the funniest sites on the Internet. The Oatmeal's How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You is one book that even the finickiest of feline devotees will love.

How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You (from The Oatmeal), $8.69 on Amazon

Credit: Trixie and Peanut

Personalized Alphabet Tags and Wish-a-Fish Charms

If your sister or sweetheart is getting something sparkly, here's something that'll keep Fluffy and Fido from feeling left out. Every girl deserves a little something pretty, don't you think?

Personalized Alphabet Tags, $15 at Trixie and Peanut
Wish-a-Fish Charms, $12 at Trixie and Peanut


Jax and Bones Good Karma Rope Toys Holiday Ring

Maybe your brother's dog doesn't care whether her toy is holiday-themed or not, but you know what? This wreathlike rope toy is sure to put a smile on your brother's face, and isn't that what the holidays are all about?

Jax and Bones Good Karma Rope Toys Holiday Ring, $10 to $12 at

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