Stolen Dog Returned to 4-Year-Old Burn Victim

After 4-year-old Eric Rodriguez sustained serious burns in a fire, his family gave him a loving companion: a Yorkshire Terrier named Princess. But when someone snatched the pup from the family's Buffalo, N.Y., yard, mom Jamie Lee Rodriguez worried that her son would never see his dog again.

Thanks to a local businessman and a good-hearted tipster who knew of the dog's whereabouts, the Yorkie is now back home with her boy, according to WIBV-TV.

"It's really great to see that there's still good people out there," Jamie Lee Rodriguez told the station. "And Princess is home because of the good deed of this woman."

Check out this sweet video of the Rodriguez family's happy ending. For more information, visit the WIBV-TV story.

Little boy's dog safely returned:


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