Stray Pit Bull Adopts 2-Day-Old Kitten

Rescuers aren’t sure how a stray female Pit Bull found a newborn kitten and began taking care of it — but it’s clear she doesn’t like to be apart from her adopted baby. Pitty and her kitten were found on the side of a Dallas road last week and are being cared for by Mercy Animal Clinic. The staff quickly realized that Pitty didn’t have enough milk to provide for the kitten, so they started bottle-feeding it, and placed it in a foster home with a nursing mother cat at night. The first night the two were apart, the staff said Pitty howled in despair. But she was thrilled to see her adopted baby when she was brought back for a visit the next morning, and smothered her little one with kisses. The clinic is now looking for someone to adopt the pair together. — Read it at Life With Dogs


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