Surprising Companies Where You Can Take Your Dog to Work on Friday

Dog in cubicle
Replacements, Ltd.
Canines in the cubicle can help reduce workplace stress, according to a recent study at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Jobs for dogs! That’s the call to action for the 14th annual celebration of Take Your Dog to Work Day, taking place Friday, June 22.

The event, created by Pet Sitters International in 1999, serves a dual mission: to raise awareness about pet adoptions and to highlight how pets ease workplace stress and boost job satisfaction. In fact, a recent study completed by Virginia Commonwealth University reveals that pets in the workplace elevate office morale.

To hear firsthand about these benefits, Vetstreet spotlights four companies happy to embrace Take Your Dog to Work Day:

Bull…dog in a China Shop?

A company that sells old and new china and crystal might not seem to be the best place to bring dogs — the phrase Bulldog in a china shop comes to mind — but Replacements Ltd. in McLeansville, North Carolina, not only celebrates TYDTWD, it’s pet-friendly year-round. The company welcomes dogs, cats, rabbits, as well as the occasional pot-bellied pig, opossum and duck. With 450 employees, there may be 20 to 30 dogs in the building on any given day.

“Allowing pets in the workplace is truly a part of our corporate culture,” says Lisa Conklin, the company’s public relations manager. “We've found that it relieves stress on a number of levels. Pet owners are relieved they don't have to worry about leaving their pets at home alone and can better concentrate on their daily tasks, while it allows those who can't bring their pets or for some reason can't own them to interact with animals.”

She adds, “We've seen many instances where employees actually got to know each other better through their pets. I do think it means a great deal to our staff; some employees say it is one of the best benefits we offer here at Replacements.”

Based on past years, Conklin expects to see a wide range of breeds, including a Bernese Mountain Dog, Boxers and several cats.

“While every day is Take Your Pet to Work Day, many of our employees aren't in a position where they can bring their pets on a regular basis, but they actually do bring them in for this special day,” she says.


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