Survey Results: The Easiest and Most Difficult Dog Tricks to Teach

We also wanted to know which commands or tricks our readers had tried — and failed — to teach their dogs, out of the following options:

The commands our readers' dogs were least likely to learn across the board were "quiet" and "roll over." There were also a few commands that all dogs seemed to have similar levels of trouble with, regardless of training level. For example, dogs of all training levels struggled with "roll over" and "play dead." About 35 percent of owners who trained their dog on their own reported that they were unable to teach "roll over." For dogs with official certifications, that number only dropped 2 percent to 33 percent — a less dramatic drop than reported for other commands. When it came to teaching "play dead," 32 percent of owners who trained on their own said they could not teach it. That number dropped to 28 percent for dogs with official certifications, but again, this was a small difference compared to other tricks.

How do these results match up with your own experience? Let us know in the comments which commands your dog knows — and the ones you just can't seem to teach him!

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