Talented Dog Inspires Fancy Canine Dance Moves

If Fred Astaire had four legs, he might have danced something like Rookie the Golden Retriever. Rookie and his owner and dance partner, Carolyn Scott, pioneered the art of canine freestyle, which allows the dog to improvise his own dance moves.

"We'd start the music, and I had planned maybe one spin. And the next thing I know, he goes spinning across the room," Scott told ABC's 20/20. "I never knew what might be coming. And then he goes, 'Wait! I want another one.'"

Footage of Rookie and his two-legged Ginger Rogers dancing to Grease's "You're the One That I Want" has garnered nearly 7 million views on YouTube. Fifteen-year-old Rookie passed away in 2008 after being diagnosed with cancer, but freestyling dogs everywhere still perform the "Rookie Moonwalk" and "Rookie Boogie" in his honor.

"This little yellow dog taught me about being spontaneous, and to enjoy life at a different level," Scott says. "I think I brought him to his full potential, and he helped me come to mine."

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