Talking Dog Visits "Late Show with David Letterman"

After 32 years on the air, David Letterman was beside himself to meet Grabel the talking dog on the Late Show this week.

Owner Kirby Easler brought her adorable little pup on the show for the famed Stupid Pet Trick segment.

“Oh, my God, a talking dog!” Lettermanexclaimed. “After all of these years, a talking dog. You are on easy street ... It’s our first ever talking dog, ladies and gentlemen!” Now that he's seen everything, he can retire in peace.

You might think that the first thing a dog would say if he could talk would be food related ("bacon," perhaps?), but the 9-year-old Yorkshire Terrier decided to pay tribute to the commander in chief instead.

When asked, “Who’s the president?” Grabel responded, "Obama." Check out the video to see if you can make out what he’s saying — and then tell us about your dog’s special talents in the comments.

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