Teach Your Dog to Ride in a Stroller

Start out slowly. Some dogs may be nervous when the stroller starts to move. For this reason, only push or pull your pooch a few inches to start, and reward him with praise and treats for remaining calm. If he continues to stay calm, move the stroller a few more inches before you reward your dog. Work on building the distance you push your pup between treats. Ultimately, you want your dog to love going for rides because he knows that he gets something good when he rides calmly in his stroller. Phase out the treats once your dog is accustomed to riding in the stroller; replace them with praise or a food toy at the beginning of the trip, such as a stuffed Kong.

Take your pooch on the road. Once your dog has mastered riding calmly in a minimal distraction environment, move on to places with more distractions. Start small: Visit your front yard or take a stroll around your neighborhood. Before you go for a big outing, make your dog's stroller more comfortable by adding plush bedding or even an article of your own previously worn clothing to help him feel at home.

With gradual introduction and the use of positive rewards, your dog will be enjoying his puppy stroller in no time flat.


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