Teen Amputee Adopts Three-Legged Dog

Sam Sartain, 16, pets his new dog, Pooh.
Sam Sartain, 16, pets his new dog, Pooh.

It’s easy to understand why Sam Sartain has quickly bonded with his new best friend.

Sartain, a 16-year-old from Georgia, had his right foot amputated after a serious ATV accident last year. His newly adopted Dachshund mix, Pooh, knows what it's like to survive an accident like that. He was a stray when he was hit by a car in Miami and had his right hind leg amputated.

After Pooh’s accident, he was taken to Miami-Dade Animal Services and then taken in by Pam Weiner, president of Dachshund Rescue of South Florida. The group raised $5,000 in just two days to cover the cost of his surgery, reported Miami’s NBC6.

When the rescue posted news about the pup on its Facebook page, the Sartain family saw it and knew they’d found the perfect companion for Sam.

"It’s a weird feeling, because he looked at me and he realized I guess that we had the same situation and he immediately ran over toward me," Sartain told NBC6 of their first meeting.

“Seeing this dog, who I picked up horribly injured … meet Sam was one of the most wonderful feelings I have ever had,” Weiner said. “I rarely get to see a dog all the way from saving to adoption. This one is really special to me. Pooh is a loving and gentle dog, and from the moment I met Sam, I knew he was a special young man. Pooh and Sam were buddies right away.”

Sam’s mom, Judy Sartain, told the Huffington Post that the two “really chose each other.”

The Sartains adopted Pooh on Oct. 12, and Sam and Pooh are helping each other heal and adjust. “They are doing great!” Judy said.

“This young man and this dog belong together, it was obvious from the first pat!” Weiner said.


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