Teen Reunites With Family Dogs After Spending More Than a Year in Hospital

After spending more than a year in the hospital, Emily Reimer, 19, was delighted to see two special visitors earlier this month: her family’s dogs. Reimer has been fighting a rare blood disorder since she was a baby, and has been recovering from a bone marrow transplant and open heart surgery at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Earlier this year, the hospital opened a pet center where young patients can visit with their family pets to get emotional support. Emily got a visit from her family’s Havanese, Casper, and her grandparents’ Poodle, Thor. “There was sheer joy on her face when she saw them,” said mom Amy Reimer. “It seemed like it was a little piece of home having them come and see her … It gave her a little bit of new life. I was happy to see her happy.” — Read it at Illinois’ WJBD Radio

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