9 Reasons Why Your Vet Would Send Your Pet to a Veterinary Behaviorist

5. You Need . . . Someone Who Can Handle Additional Complications

What if your pet has other ongoing medical problems that complicate treatment? Since board-certified veterinary behaviorists areveterinarians first and foremost, they understand how medical diseases can affect behavior, as well as how medications used to treat those conditions can influence an animal's behavior — and how behavior medications can impact diseases.

6. You Need . . . Advice on Whether to Re-home

Before considering re-homing or potentially unnecessary euthanasia, every owner should have a pet evaluated by a true behavior expert. You may be surprised to learn that there’s hope. How can you give up when there’s an expert out there whose job it is to keep potential re-homing or euthanasia scenarios like yours from happening?

7. You Need . . . Help With a Self-Destructive Pet

Disorders such as storm phobias and separation anxiety can often result in nasty injuries. Broken teeth and fractured claws are especially common when pets try hard to escape the confines of their owners’ best intentions. When pets who act out hurt themselves, your vet may refer you to a veterinary behavior specialist for extended behavior modification therapy.

8. You Need . . . to Address Quality-of-Life Issues

Pets with severe fears, compulsions and confusions don't enjoy life. They may not even want to walk outside, eat a normal meal or even go on car rides they once loved.When your pet’s quality of life takes a serious turn, you’re the one who knows it. And that’s when it’s time to speak to your veterinarian about possibly consulting a vet behaviorist.

9. You Need . . . to Make Better Progress

If your pet is under treatment for a behavior problem but hasn’t made significant headway within three months, then you should probably take it to the next level. Since most behavior patients show some improvement in this amount of time, and you’ve been working hard with a trainer and a veterinarian — all to no avail — then maybe (just maybe) it’s time to go see The Wizard.

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