The 7 Goofiest Cat Breeds

When we think of goofy pets, cats don’t typically spring to mind, but maybe that’s because they use mind control to keep us from remembering their antics. But despite their best hypnotic efforts, some of them have been caught in the act of being silly. And we’ve discovered that some cats are sillier than others.

Meet the seven goofiest cat breeds. We dare you not to laugh.

Goofiest Cat Breeds

Abyssinian With Toy

Alan Robinson, Animal Photography


The truth is right there in the Abyssinian's nickname: People in the know call him the “Aby-silly-an.” This people-oriented cat typically wants to be in the thick of things, and it may seem that he’ll do anything to get — and keep — your attention. Abys have been known to steal clothes out of closets, lounge in (filled) bathtubs and pull each other’s tails. The Aby may also prefer to ride around standing up in a stroller, looking like a victorious Roman general on parade. He knows he’s a star — he just may not realize that he’s a comedic one.

Bengal Cat Laying Down

Anna Pozzi, Animal Photography


The soundtrack to a Bengal's life may well be the theme music from the Pink Panther movies. Life with this cat can be endlessly entertaining. If he’s not popping bubble wrap, he’s likely riding his skateboard or hiding out in his sofa fort. Oh, and he usually likes water, too. Don’t be surprised if you find him fishing out of your koi pond.

Japanese Bobtail cat breed

Alan Robinson, Animal Photography

Japanese Bobtail

Sure, he’s the inspiration for Hello Kitty, but that’s not what takes the Japanese Bobtail into the goofy-sphere. This funny and fun-loving cat might be a candidate for Ameripurr’s Got Talent. He might be seen riding on a shoulder, often while vocalizing in songlike chirps and meows and utilizing a whole scale of tones. He is also said to be a bringer of good fortune — probably because he’ll frequently make you laugh.

Chartreux cat breed

Tetsu Yamazaki, Animal Photography


You might think a cat with a French connection would be svelte and suave, but you might be wrong. Have you ever seen a blue potato on toothpicks? If you know a Chartreux, you know just how accurate that description is. But don’t be misled by his generally chunky appearance. The gray ball of fur might be seen turning somersaults when teased with a feather or fishing pole toy. He’ll play with his people as well, opening latches in search of food, turning on faucets to get a drink of water and manipulating light switches — possibly in an attempt to get you out of bed so you’ll feed him.

Sphynx Cat Stretching

Tetsu Yamazaki, Animal Photography


Perhaps you think we included the Sphynx solely for his resemblance to Yoda, but he easily earns a place in the silly cat hall of fame for more than just his appearance. You are likely to find him taking a bubble bath with his owner, petting men with beards (maybe he’s wondering how he can get some of that hair) or riding on a shoulder, clasping his “steed’s” head. A Sphynx might paw madly at an aquarium in a vain attempt to acquire a fish dinner and attack his reflection in a mirror. Goofy behavior aside, Mr. Snugglepuss generally likes to cuddle up to you (preferably under the covers) and be your best (un)furry friend.

Turkish Van cat breed

Alan Robinson, Animal Photography

Turkish Van

You probably know the Turkish Van as the swimming cat. He is definitely best known for his love of water, but people who live with him say his goofy behavior extends to dry land as well. Turkish Vans — the name comes from Lake Van, their place of origin in Turkey — have been caught trying to “swim” in an empty bucket, playing slip ‘n' slide in a bathtub and pulling straws out of drinks and delivering them to a person so they can be thrown and fetched. When he’s not following you around, offering to “help” with whatever you’re doing, the Van might be found flushing your toilet, over and over, to watch the water swirl around the bowl. Or dropping your makeup brushes into the sink to see them float. You have been warned.

Cornish Rex cat breed

Alan Robinson, Animal Photography

Cornish Rex

Cat fanciers will tell you that pandemonium can be defined as a ball, a staircase and five Cornish Rexes. This is a cat who might see a crack in the floor and immediately attack the fearsome object, bouncing from side to side and spinning in circles, long hind legs up in the air. Clearly, it’s not enough for him that his curly coat, large bat-like ears and alien appearance draw gawkers whenever he makes an appearance. It seems sometimes like the Cornish Rex will do anything for attention and applause. His nickname? Con artist in fur.

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