The Best of Vetstreet: Celebrating Our One-Year Anniversary

It's hard to believe, but turned 1 this week! Since we're feeling all nostalgic, we decided to compile some of our favorite stories from our first year.

From hero animals who help make our lives better to a behind-the-scenes look at the secret lives of Westminster show dogs, it's never a dull moment for the animal-loving editorial team at Vetstreet. Check it out for yourself.

Vetstreet's 10 Top Stories From the Last Year

Lucas and Juno

Courtesy of the Hembree family

The Story of Lucas and Juno

When the Hembree family adopted an emaciated Belgian Malinois named Juno, they didn't just save the dog, they saved their son, Lucas, who suffers from an inherited metabolic disease in which children lose the ability to speak, walk and eat. Lucas' father had a gut feeling that the pup would make a perfect service dog for his son — and he was right.

Read more about this touching tale: "Lucas and Juno: The Special Relationship Between a Sick 4-Year-Old Boy and His Dog"

Siku in the snow

Søren Koch, Hilmer & Koch Naturephotography

Siku the Adorable Polar Bear Cub

The orphaned cub stole the hearts of millions (including ours!) when photos and video of him playing in the snow and learning to stand on all fours at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park made the rounds.

Read and see more: "New Photos Capture Siku the Polar Bear Cub Frolicking in the Snow"

Chewee the Leonberger

The Secret Lives of Westminster Show Dogs

We tracked down some owners and handlers of dogs bound for the 136th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City and discovered that, away from the ring, these showstopping canines perform in theater productions, steal underwear and fight the family cat.

Read more about their rich lives: "The Secret Lives of Westminster Show Dogs"

Bride and groom in front of dolphin enclosure

Photo by Markus Rae Photography, courtesy of the Indianapolis Zoo

Zoo Weddings Are All the Rage

Wedding experts across the country report that couples are ditching the typical church and hotel ballroom affair to get hitched in more unusual locales — like their local zoo. We found three places where brides and grooms can tie the knot with furry or feathered friends in attendance.

Read more: "More Couples Are Saying 'I Do' at the Zoo"

Monkey from the book Chewed

Arne Svenson

A Look at Pups' Most Prized Possessions: Dog Toys

We talked with photographer Arne Svenson about the inspiration behind Chewed, a book that pays homage to the missing eyes and shredded tails of dog toys. The project was two years — and hundreds of decimated plush bunnies and bears — in the making.

Read and see more: "'Chewed': Much-Loved Dog Toys in Pictures"

Dr. Marty Becker

Dr. Becker Praises the Virtues of Vet Techs

During National Veterinary Technician Week, we celebrated these wonderful pet whisperers who soothe anxious patients — and always have kind words and comfort to spare.

Read Dr. Becker's column: "Time To Sing Out for Vet Techs, the Unsung Heroes of Animal Care"

Great Dane


Vetstreet's Hero Dog of the Year

A 110-pound Great Dane saved his owner’s life by leaping between her and a man who was beating her with a hammer — an action that ultimately inspired a shelter for abuse victims to build a new, pet-friendly wing.

Read more about the heartwarming story: "Great Dane Rescues His Owner and Changes the Lives of Other Abuse Victims With Pets"

Mina the cat

Nora Zelevansky

The Pets We Inherit and Learn to Love

When we fall in love with someone, we often grow to accept that person’s good and bad baggage — even if it's a jealous kitty.

Read the funny stories: "The Unexpected Pets We Get (and Sometimes Inherit) for Love"

Lois Brady with her miniature therapy pig, Buttercup

Courtesy of Lois Brady

Potbellied Therapy Pigs

While certain little piggies may go to market, others work as assisted-therapy animals in schools and nursing homes — like Buttercup, a miniature potbellied pig who visits school kids with her owner, a speech language pathologist.

Read more about these unconventional helpers: "Potbellied Pigs: The New Therapy Animals"

Hazel Dog Retirement Party

© Randall Benton/Sacramento Bee/

Hospital Dog Gets a Well-Deserved Retirement Party

A California hospital threw an ice cream party to celebrate Hazel the therapy dog's nine years of service to sick children. The Labrador Retriever was one of the first therapy dogs in the country to be employed full time at a hospital.

Read more about Hazel: "Hospital Honors a Beloved Therapy Dog With a Retirement Party"

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