The Creation of the Stud Stopper

Stud Stopper
Courtesy of Stud Stopper

Getting the Word Out

To raise awareness about the product, Tina recently traveled — with a stuffed animal display — to American Kennel Club (AKC) dog shows from Richmond to Virginia Beach to see how people would react to Stud Stopper. She also joined the American Pet Products Association and went to the Global Pet Expo in Orlando to spread the word. The reception was positive. “We were one of three products chosen for the Daily Buzz!” she says.

Still, product development continues. The retail price is about $75 for what is likely a one-time purchase of the American-made item. But David and Tina are also working on a clear version using less expensive materials, so the product can be accessible to everyone. The Moodys may have a million-dollar idea, but they’re not too driven by the cash. “My husband and I are very earthy people,” Tina says. “Probably if we made a million dollars, we’d give most of it away! We just wanted to enrich our lives and the lives of our dogs.”


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