The Cutest Baby Bunny Ever

Bunny Hat and Diaper Cover
JoAnne Gambill

There's nothing cuter than a baby bunny, unless of course it's a baby human — in bunny ears. Even cuter? The same baby human in bunny ears and a bunny diaper cover, complete with puffy tail. Irresistible! Just in time for Easter, Etsy seller JoAnne Gambill is offering an adorable newborn-size crochet diaper cover and hat. Each set is handmade of soft yarn, and the bunny ears can be repositioned for just the right look. This set is perfect for newborn photo shoots —the puffy tail! squee! — and the hat can be worn around for a little everyday bunny style.

If your baby's not really a bunny, check out the giraffe hat or the turtle set. Too cute.

Newborn-size crochet bunny hat and diaper cover set, $35 from JoAnnesPhotoProps on Etsy.

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