The Dr. Doolittle Effect: When Vets Have Animal-Centric Names

Dr. Doolittle name tag

If your last name is Doolittle, does it mean that you’re destined to become a veterinarian? Does it go without saying that you’re able to talk to the animals?

We were so intrigued by the notion that a person's name could divine their career fate that we asked our Facebook audience, as well as our friends at sister publications Veterinary Technician and Compendium, if they knew of any veterinary professionals with animal-centric names. (Incidentally, there's actually a word for having the perfect last name for who you are and what you do: aptronym.)

Based on their responses, we’ve come to the conclusion that — yes! — your name could potentially influence your career pick. Take these aptly named real-life members of the American veterinary community:

Just Call Them by Their Pet Names

What critter wouldn't trust one of these veterinarians?

  • Dr. Ruff
  • Dr. Furr
  • Dr. Fish
  • Dr. Shepherd
  • Dr. Huskey

Vets of a Feather

Inquiring minds want to know if bird owners flock to these avian-named vets:

  • Dr. Partridge
  • Dr. Birdsall
  • Dr. Byrd

They’re (Probably) Not as Wild as They Sound

These wild-animal monikers practically have movie star potential:

  • Dr. Fox
  • Dr. Cheetah
  • Dr. Peregrine Wolf

One Awesome Animal Alias

  • Dr. Zoochek

Do you have your own perfect aptronym? Tell us about it in the comments section below.


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