The Goats of Instagram: 8 Accounts to Follow

Dogs and cats aren't the only animals taking over Instagram. Goats are coming up in a big way. It could be due to the fact that more and more people are keeping them as pets, or simply because they are just as cute as their barking and meowing counterparts.

Here are some of our favorite goats popping up in our Instagram feeds.

Mavis and Deirde

Mavis and Deirdre are a couple of city goats who live in a backyard, but can often be found in their owner's house. We love seeing what they're up to across the pond in Wales, and you will too!

A photo posted by @goats_mavis_deirdre on

Fun Facts From @in_goats_we_love

@in_goats_we_love has a great feed that pairs adorable Instas of goats from around the country with fun facts. For instance, the fun fact for the photo below says "Each goat has a unique call and scent, that is how its mother recognizes it from birth!" Who knew?


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