The Secret Lives of Veterinarians

What do these five vets do when they’re not taking care of your furry critter? Hint: They’re not sitting around watching Animal Planet.

Dr. Brittany King, DVM
Courtesy of Dr. Brittany King
Dr. Brittany King is an avid athlete who wants to conquer a swim across the English Channel.

Dr. Brittany King, DVM

Passion: Training to swim English Channel

Last month, Dr. Brittany King of Cypress, Texas performed orthopedic surgery on a 3-year-old Schnauzer mix who'd been hit by a car. Never mind that the good Samaritan who brought the dog in was a student who didn’t have any money to pay for the procedure — or that the dog had two broken legs. Dr. King doesn’t know the word defeat.

A self-described thrill seeker, Dr. King has completed an Ironman and the Alcatraz Duathlon, as well as climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

Her next goal: swim the 22-mile English Channel in 55-degree water. And she’s not just doing it for herself — Dr. King is raising money for Banfield Charitable Trust, a nonprofit that works to keep pets and owners in hospice together. “People are capable of so much if they just set the bar high and dream,” she says. “I dream a lot ... and I guess I just want to experience as much as I can in life. Why not?”

Dr. Michael Ross, DVM
Courtesy of Dr. Michael Ross
Dr. Michael Ross shares an affinity for fine cuisine with his wife and business partner, Dr. Beth Ross.

Dr. Michael Ross, DVM

Passion: Owner of an upscale restaurant

As a professor of surgery and Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, Dr. Michael Ross of Chadds Ford, Pa. has operated on numerous elite racehorses, including Da Hoss, a bay thoroughbred gelding who went on to win the Breeders' Cup — twice. “I love the challenge of each surgery and teaching others my craft,” he says. But it wasn’t quite challenging enough.

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