Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Soaring Sport of Canine Disc

Steven Donahue
Laura Moretz and Cubby ace a "dog catch" during a freestyle competition.

Are Certain Breeds Better at the Sport?

Border Collies often excel in the disc dog arena, but Heeter says that many mixed breeds also fare well.

“We want a dog who's structurally sound, a lean dog with an hourglass shape. He should be slightly longer than taller, and his toes should not face in or out,” Heeter says. “If the toes face out too much, the dog will land with a lot of shock on the shoulders. If the toes face in too much, he may develop weak elbows.”

This sport is best suited for speedy dogs who love to show off — and always keep their eyes on the prize. And since canines need to leap high in the air and turn quickly, Heeter notes that it's not conducive for breeds with long backs and short legs, such as Corgis and Dachshunds. Nor is it a good fit for heavy, slow-moving breeds, like Bulldogs.

Age is also taken into consideration. Most disc dog organizations heed the “18-month rule,” setting that as the minimum age for a dog to compete, so his growth plates can fully develop.

Where Can I Catch a Canine Disc Competition?

Local and regional competitions generally take place in the spring and summer, with world championships staged in the fall. A few popular events: Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship, the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge National Championship and the United States Disc Dog Nationals World Finals.

There are also touring groups that perform in professional sports arenas and other large outdoor facilities across the country.

Heads up: Since canine competitors need to focus on the flying discs, spectators are often asked to leave their own dogs at home to minimize distractions.

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