The Things We Do for Love: "I Found a Special Way to Honor My Dog’s Memory"

One Last Trip

Credit: Dr. Katy Nelson

When Charlie passed away in March 2011, Dr. Nelson knew just how to honor his memory. “I wanted his ashes to be buried at my parents' house,” she says. Five and a half months pregnant with her second child, Dr. Nelson wasn't in a position to travel to Louisiana right away, so she waited a few months. “I wanted to be the person who brought him home,” she says.

After her daughter’s birth, Dr. Nelson took Charlie home to Louisiana and buried him by the fence he loved to run along. Dr. Nelson’s dad built a cross grave marker and carved Charlie’s name into it.

“We buried his ashes with pictures and his collar,” Dr. Nelson says. “Last year, during the hurricane, his cross was blown down. The next day, my dad was out there, making sure the cross was fixed.”

Dr. Nelson knows Charlie would have been happy with her choice. “That’s where he was the happiest.”

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