The Things We Do for Love: "I Play Dog Music All Day Long"

There are plenty of ways to show our pets how much we love them — we buy them special food and treats, bring home the newest toys and, of course, lavish them with affection. Caroline Golon, the human behind popular humor blog Romeo the Cat and co-founder of BlogPaws, will share the stories of pet owners who have gone the extra mile for their pets in this series, The Things We Do for Love. And sometimes, the extra mile is only the beginning!

Credit: Dorothy Baxter
BayZ is one of the dogs who used to keep his owner awake.

Life with five dogs can get pretty chaotic — and loud. But Dorothy Baxter of Glenwood, N.J., has found the key to keeping her household calm: dog music. Because Baxter works the night shift, she sleeps during the day. But her dogs — Chandler, Biscuit, BayZ, Tara and Lucky — don’t.

Baxter says it used to be nearly impossible for her to get any quality rest with the pack of five coming in and out of her bedroom all day, wanting to interact, play or be fed.

Baxter was at her wit’s end until she discovered a series of music CDs, Through a Dog’s Ear, that changed the entire mood of her household.

The series is specially selected, arranged and recorded to provide easeful auditory assimilation for dogs, which calms anxieties and provides overall relaxation.

Music in the Bedroom

Now, Baxter says, the music is the only way she can get her sleep. She puts the music on in her bedroom, and the dogs calmly wander in and out during the day while she gets her shut-eye. “We’ve worn out several CD players,” Baxter says with a laugh. “They’re on a continuous loop throughout the house all day.”

In addition to one CD player in the bedroom, Baxter has a CD player in the living room that she turns on when she goes to work.

Baxter says the music also helps the dogs get along with each other much better and has even resolved issues between her biggest dog, Chandler, a Border Collie/Cocker Spaniel mix, and Lucky, one of her four Cocker Spaniels.

Credit: Dorothy Baxter
Tara is seriously soothed by dog-friendly tunes.

Tunes on the Road

The music doesn’t stop when the posse leaves the house. When Baxter transports the pooches to vet appointments or Rally training classes, she plays a CD specifically composed to ease stress for dogs in the car.

Even Chandler, who would previously drool extensively each time he rode in a vehicle, can now make long trips — as long as the music is playing. “We would literally have to hose down the car after Chandler was in it before," Baxter says. “When I have the music on in the car, we don’t have any problems at all.”

Baxter says hearing the same music all the time gets tiresome, but she’s given up listening to the music she prefers when the dogs are around. “They don’t really like Grateful Dead or country. They want their own music, so that’s what we listen to.”

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