The Things We Do for Love: "I Purchase My Cat’s Favorite Litter — By the Truckload"

There are plenty of ways to show our pets how much we love them — we buy them special food and treats, bring home the newest toys and, of course, lavish them with affection. Caroline Golon, the human behind popular humor blog Romeo the Cat, will share the stories of pet owners who have gone the extra mile for their pets in this series, The Things We Do for Love. And sometimes, the extra mile is only the beginning!

Credit: Cindy Decker
Nanuq the cat with her owner, Cindy Decker

Most cat parents will admit that they will go to any length to make sure their cat goes in the litterbox, but the Deckers of Columbus, Ohio really go the extra mile.

When Nanuq the cat came to live with the Deckers, she turned up her nose at the litter that was provided and, instead, headed to the nearest houseplant to do her business.

The family recognized that the problem might be a consistency preference, so they did what many experts suggest: They created a litterbox showroom in which they offered Nanuq a variety of litters and litterboxes to see which combination the finicky feline liked best.

Nanuq made her choice: a litter with a super-fine texture, almost like a sugar-sand beach, that was available at only one retailer in town. And all was well — for a while.

When the retailer suddenly stopped carrying Nanuq’s litter, the Deckers were faced with a problem. Cindy Decker and her husband tried to encourage Nanuq to use another type of litter, but the fastidious kitty would have none of it.

As their supply of litter ran low, Cindy frantically searched and found that the litter was available online and at retailers in the South. The exorbitant costs of shipping heavy litter made the online option unrealistic, and a regular car drive south to purchase the litter also seemed ridiculous.

Finally, Cindy contacted the company directly and discovered that the business only sells to retailers — in bulk.

The Deckers did what any truly desperate cat parents would do. They registered as a retailer and purchased a truckload of Nanuq’s litter, about two-years worth, delivered to their door. Now Cindy’s utility room is stocked with, among other things, more than 800 pounds of kitty litter.

While non-cat people may shake their heads in wonder, Cindy has no qualms about what she’s had to do to keep her cat happy — and peeing where she should.

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