The Things We Do for Love: "My Dog and I Teach Yoga Together"


As word spread, Appleby’s doga classes grew more popular. Each class focuses on gentle moves, yoga poses, meditation and stretches for both species. She also offers doga at local dog-friendly corporations. “There are all kinds of people with all sizes of dogs,” Appleby says. “It’s so funny to see the different types!”

Madison accompanies Appleby to every class she teaches. “We always do it as a team,” she says. Madison is the perfect co-instructor because she’s so well socialized and enjoys the doga moves.

Good for Dogs…and Humans

Photo courtesy of Anne Appleby
Doga has proven to be good for both species!

Appleby’s not surprised that doga has grown in popularity. “It’s good for dogs and humans,” she says. “It spreads the hips and opens up the lungs.” The benefits go far beyond the physical. Appleby says doing doga with Madison has made them closer. “It’s just made the bonding experience really good. You look in your dog’s eyes, and you can tell how they’re doing.”

Appleby dismisses those who think yoga for dogs is silly. “Where do you think we got the terms 'downward facing dog’ and ‘upward facing dog?’” she asks. “This is natural for them!”

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