The Things We Do for Love: "My Dog Has Me Wrapped Around His Paw"

Catering to Quirks

dog eating
Credit: Michele Maskaly
Toby has a few interesting quirks, but his owner is happy to oblige.

Maskaly admits she indulges Toby’s unusual preferences. Toby won’t eat from a dish and insists on eating off a paper towel. He also steps up his demands on the rare occasion when Maskaly’s been out of town without him. “When I come back, he has to be hand-fed for at least 24 hours or he won’t eat,” Maskaly says with a sigh.

The little Chihuahua is also particular about his bedtime routine. He likes to have a drink of water right before bed, but the water has to be from a bowl in the bedroom. Maskaly says even if he has a drink from a bowl in the kitchen right before he goes to the bedroom, he still has to have a few slurps from a bedroom bowl. “It doesn’t matter where we are there has to be a bowl of water in the bedroom for Toby,” she says.

Maskaly says she’s not too thrilled with Toby’s recent demand a 4 a.m. snack. He wakes her up, she gets him a treat, and then they go back to bed. “I need to break him of that bad habit!” Maskaly says.

Despite Toby’s funny habits, Maskaly says she doesn’t mind going out of her way to make him happy. “He’s my kid!” she says.

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